About Ava


As a child, Ava spent many afternoons at her parents’ Miami factory. Ava sat on the cutting tables surrounded by rolls of colorful prints and rainbows of solids. With scissors in hand, she cut out pattern shapes and arranged them on mannequins with pins. Bust forms were the dolls on which she played dress up. Ava’s first thread and needle were taken out of her father’s travel sewing kit.

 While other 15-year-olds were tanning and shopping for new bikinis, Ava was focused on what was missing from the market. Born from a sketchpad in the summer of 2015, Ava launched “Po Swim by Ava Frati”. The line, which focuses on clean and modern shapes, embraces the concept that beauty and confidence are inherently linked. Ava was inspired from a young age by the sights and sounds of Miami's beaches, honing in on this vision to create a line of eco-certified, sustainable, UV-blocking swimwear in meticulously crafted silhouettes. 

Ava shot her first collection with a high school friend. Once the production came in, www.poswim.com went live. The alerts of sales on her cell phone, selling out of sizes and colors in a matter of days, served as a testimonial that young girls around the country were sharing her vision. With unbridled enthusiasm, Ava forged forward with a reinforced passion.

 Introduced to the world of fashion at a young age, Ava watched her sketches evolve into her own collection. The industry of manufacturing and designing has captivated her and has given her direction. She hopes to one day be a role model for young girls, sharing her story about skimpy bikinis and big dreams.