At Pō SWIM, we help out.

We have been working alongside government restrictions while focusing on the safety and health of our employees, and creating jobs. During these unprecedented times, the Pō SWIM production facility has been transformed into an essential business in an effort to contribute to humanity and uplift community.

The Government of El Salvador has requested for Pō SWIM to produce masks at our production facility in San Salvador. We’ve temporarily stopped all production and shifted focus towards this new project. Over the next few months, Pō SWIM will be producing 1,400,000 masks.

These non-surgical grade masks are for the San Salvador community- including employees, their families, and local organizations in need. 

A large portion of the masks will also be shipped to the United States where they will be donated to local hospitals to support our front line responders. We’ve been working in accordance to the El Salvadorian social distancing regulations and over the next few weeks, hope to slowly increase the maximum occupancy back to where it was before.

We’re working to help as many as we can while also being as safe as possible!


Stay safe,